Millstone Durbax

Providing support, expertise and a unique product portfolio to the Chemical industry.

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Our Mission

Changes to the Global economy have had severe knock-on effects on the world’s chemical market. We know first-hand the struggles that the chemical and process industries face, the changes in cost and availability of products mean that companies must turn to other methods to increase productivity and master supply chains. After building a highly successful, project-driven enterprise and following its subsequent acquisition by a global organisation, we are proud to now offer our services to the chemical industry on an international platform. We are eager to work with clients of a similar mindset to help improve and optimise all elements of what makes a business successful and make a real difference in a short timeframe.

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Millstone Durbax offers an exclusive and niche product portfolio for various markets, through a combination of product development, internal manufacture, outsourcing & distribution. Our markets include CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Surfactants & Elastomers), Animal Feed, Nutraceutical & Flavour & Fragrance.

Our portfolio includes:
  • Polyaziridine & Polyacrylate crosslinkers for surface coatings
  • Range of catalysts for Epoxies & Polyurethane dispersions (PUD)

  • Animal feed additives
  • Fine Chemical Intermediates
  • Ingredients for Flavours & Fragrances

We work with a select number of partners in Asia, Europe & UK to offer a complete service as we aim to simplify and pinpoint every function of the product and sales life cycle; ensuring a smooth transaction every time. 

Millstone Durbax are UFAS accredited for the supply of Animal Feed Additives & work alongside manufacturing partners with additional certifications including FAMI-QS.

We are active in the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific & USA.

Millstone-Durbax Product Life Cycle

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Featured Products


Product name: Trimethylolpropane triacrylate
Product code: MDLT001
CAS: 15625-89-5

BaXomer PETA

Product name: Pentaerythritol triacrylate
Product code: MDLP001
CAS: 3524-68-3

Polyaziridine Crosslinker AN-2201

Polyaziridine Crosslinker AN-2201

Product name: Polyaziridine Crosslinker AN-2201
Product code: MDLAN2201
CAS: 64265-57-2