Our Key Values & Skillset

We pride ourselves on being professional, positive, customercentric, results-driven, energetic, flexible, pragmatic & affable

Our key aim as a business is to add value to our clients, guaranteeing the supply chain and ensuring a highquality product and service is provided

We are here to help drive cost savings and provide the solutions you need by forming strong partnerships and ensuring long lasting relationships

Our experience within the Pharma industry has given us a vital grasp on the standards required, with a dedicated QA team available

Our Management Consultancy

Millstone Durbax can offer a fully tailored Management Consultancy package to the Chemical industry. Whether there is a need to help fix a small issue, for example to fix a specific kink in your process or, a much larger problem such as revitalising or restructuring a whole department, Millstone Durbax can support you.

We can offer due diligence support for perspective investors or buyers relating to all aspects of business functions within the industry. Our working style is based on 5 key phases to ensure maximum efficiency and results!

Millstone-Durbax Project Management Block Flow